Best Software Options to Back-up Your Computer

Backing up your computer is advisable if you want to make sure you keep your data safe. As much as there are a plethora of software options to choose from, you will need to know the best in the market.

Basically, there are two main ways you can go about this; by using the backup software that comes with your operating system or by using third party software from a trusted developer.

Using your operating system

Most, if not all, operating systems have a method you can use to back up your software. If you are using windows 8/8.1, there is a simple process you can use to go about the procedure.

Start by double clicking your computer icon on the desktop. If it is not present, you should opt to use any folder and navigating to my computer (normally referred to as ‘This PC’).

Once you get there, you should look for the My Control Panel option that is on the ribbon just below the Menu Bar.

Double click on the control panel option. There are two options you will use to view the control panel items. One of them is the view in large category icons and the other is the view in list or small icons.

When the large category icons are present, it may take you some time to navigate to the recovery / backup option. If this is the case, you will need to navigate to the left side of the window, just below the ribbon, and you will see a view by option. 

From this option, you will see a drop down arrow that will offer options when you click it. Clicking the same will provide two other options namely large or small icons.

Select the option you prefer depending on your vision. Some people will see the large icons better while others will see the smaller icons better.

The options that appear are many and you will need to look for the recovery option. Clicking on it will offer you several more options.

The first option you will see is the ‘create a recovery drive’ option. This is the option you should click as it will assist you create a backup of your hard drive. In most cases, you .

will need to use an external USB drive or pen drive. Make sure the device you plug in for the option has more than 256 MB of free data space. If the USB drive has been plugged in, you.

will just follow the prompts that follow and you will successfully back up your drive in a few minutes. Take note the speed and duration will vary with the amount of data you have in your computer. 

Third party software

If you prefer to use third party software, you will need to have an additional drive that has the minimum space requirements of the software. To start with, you will need to look at the software and the requirements it has for running on a computer.

Requirements will include the minimum hard disk spaces as well as the memory and processor speed. After installation, you will follow the prompts you see to the letter.

In case you run into any difficulties, be sure to contact the software provider’s help and troubleshooting guide page.