So What does a Database Administrator (DBA) do?

So What does a Database Administrator (DBA) do?

The most important job of a Database Administrator (DBA) is ensuring the integrity of data hence, any other responsibility revolves around that. Every organization or company that has data coming in and data sent out need a DBA.

A DBA monitors the usage and distribution of data and the management of a database in the company. Most companies have departments that deal with information about their clients and customers on a daily basis.

Such companies are the likes of mobile network subscribers that get new clients almost every day, and without the availability of a DBA, this day to day amount of data can be a lot to handle and organize.

Apart from the network subscribing companies, other industries that would deem the services of a DBA useful include:

  • Shipping companies
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Law firms
  • Shopping stores

The above companies are just a shortlist among many industries that need the services of a DBA. As long as the company incorporates the use of computer-aided systems, a DBA will come handy. Further, some companies require more than one DBA; for instance, a bank requires a team of Database Administrators.

A brilliant Database Administrator should have both the interpersonal and technological skills to be effective. It is because apart from ensuring the integrity of the data in a company or industry, a DBA is also tasked to conduct the following duties:

  • Monitoring the maintenance process of the database and updating the permissions necessary.
  • Linking old databases into new ones that have been created.
  • Backing up data to prevent data loss and restore the data in case of a disaster.
  • Should be able to determine what the users want to improve on the creation and administration of the database.
  • Make sure the database is perfect in every aspect in a way that it doesn’t incur any errors.
  • Regularly checking and testing the operation of the database to make sure the structure is suitable for smooth operation of the company.


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