The Seven Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Computer Repair

Any computer owner knows that the machine may need repairs at any time. The cause of the damage might be both internal and external.

Some of the most common causes of damage to computers include power surges, viruses and overheating amongst others.

However, while you have taken your computer for repair at your trusted technician,

you may have heard stories (stereotypes) about computer repairs services. In this article, we focus on some of the most common stereotypes regarding computer repair. 

What are some of the common stereotypes concerning computer repairs? 

While it is true that there are many stereotypes regarding this matter, we provide you with the most common ones below: 

1. Only geeks can fix computers 

While it is true that computer geeks are responsible for fixing the major problems in your computer, you can also do some minor repairs by yourself. If anything, the latest models of computers give users a chance for them to troubleshoot the problems alone. 

2. A technician repairs a computer at flat rates 

Walking around the city, you will see various technicians claiming that they can repair you computer at flat rates. This is entirely not true. In any case, the cost of repair will depend on how bad the damage is. Some parts of a computer are also more costly as opposed to others so there is no way that the repairs rates will be flat. 

3. A certain technician is the best 

It is a common belief in many regions that a certain technician may be better than the rest when it comes to computer repair. However, this is false. If a technician you believe tells you that your computer is “clean” but you are still having problems with it, feel free to seek help elsewhere. 

4. The higher the repair costs the higher the chances that the service is of quality 

Many people believe that buy paying more for the repair services, chances are high that they might not need repair any time sooner. However, this depends on many other factors and is not a guarantee of Quality. 

5. Antivirus are a hundred percent safe 

When you take your computer to a technician or you install an antivirus by yourself, you think that you computer is protected fully. However, this is not true. Virus and malware can still find their way in. 

6. Malware and viruses are for windows and PCs users only 

Many people think that Macs are virus free. However while this is partially true, Macs too have a possibility of having viruses just like windows and PCs. 

7. One can defrag the computer alone 

This is a widely spread stereotype. Truth is, most of the time it requires the touch of a technician to defrag a computer because of the various software needed for the process. 

Generally, there are more stereotypes regarding computer repair but those above are the most common ones.