This is what we know about the Galaxy S9

This is what we know about the Galaxy S9

Samsung Electronics unveiled its most anticipated smartphone of the year, Galaxy S9, in February 2018. The most conspicuous thing is that unlike its predecessors in the extended Galaxy family, this handset lacks the reminiscent SAMSUNG logo on its front. People who are used to distinguishing Samsung smartphones from other cheaper smartphones with a similar design but without a name below the speaker will have a hard time adjusting to the new reality brought forth by their beloved handset.

Here are 5 things we already know about Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. The Camera is Super Speed Dual-Pixel and it doesn’t disappoint

We’ve seen the Dual Pixel camera before in the Galaxy family. We are talking of Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 8 and both Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8. This one, however, is enhanced and features dual f/2.4 apertures to capture wonderful crisp pictures.

  1. The Super Slow-Mo is a cutting

Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 are first smartphones in the family to come with the Super Slow-Motion feature. Many “picturephiles” on Instagram can’t get enough of this feature. If the object tries to make movements while being snapped, the camera switches to slow motion and captures everything in detail so that you don’t miss a moment.

  1. It comes with AR Emoji, the first android phone to do so

Well, this is a little scandalous because users likens AR Emoji with iPhone X’s Animoji’s. However, we all know emojis don’t belong to one particular person. AR Emojis, just like Animoji’s, allows the phone to mimic your facial expressions and gestures and plant them on any character from its stable.

  1. Unlock your phone with Iris Unlock feature

Instead of incorporating the intricate 3D face scanners found on other high-end smartphones, Galaxy S9’s Iris Unlock simply uses the front camera to scan your Iris and give access to your phone. Your iris is very much like your fingerprints.

  1. Impressive performance but slow on battery

The immense processing power of Snapdragon 845 (the CPU chipset) is appalling. The battery can last 24 hours.


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