Top 15 Data Recovery Tools

Data loss is everyone’s nightmare. Data loss could occur at home or in a business. Whichever the case, there is a lot of damage that is associated with data loss. It could cost you a lot of money, videos, photos, documents and other essential things. There are many companies out there; all willing to help you recover your lost data at a specific cost. Some of these companies are very expensive. However, you should not worry anymore. The following data recovery tools can be beneficial in such a situation.

  1. Recuva

Most people are aware that this is the best data recovery software. Recuva can restore files, from external storage devices such as hard drives, memory cards, DVDs, and CDs. This software, unlike other data, recover software has a less challenging user interface, has the advanced scan mode and can recover files from damaged files. It is also affordable, and that is why most people prefer it over other data recovery tools.

  1. TestDisk

This data recovery software was created to fix non-booting disks and to recover lost partitions. TestDisk has a lot of features such as the ability to allow users to retrieve the boot sector and also ability to recover deleted files from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 file system. This data recovery software is most suitable for GUI fans.

  1. Stellar Data Recovery software

This data recovery tool helps you recover data from your windows personal computer and Mac. There are times when we delete recent files accidentally. This tool will help you retrieve what you have lost merely and efficiently.

  1. Undelete 360

Using this tool is not complicated. The process is made simpler by the fast and efficient algorithm. This software has a data-wiping tool and works on various devices such as memory cards, computer hard drives, digital cameras, and USBs.

  1. PtotoRec

This tool is very efficient and robust in recovering lost data from digital cameras and hard drives. You can use it to restore photos, documents, and videos.

  1. Pandora recovery

This data recovery software can recover deleted encrypted and compressed files from NTFS and disks that have been formatted. It also has recovery percentage indicators.

  1. Mini tool partition recovery

This undelete program is the best to use when you have lost an entire program. It has a comfortable wizard-based interface and also generates a recovery report so that you can know the actions you need to take to recover your lost data.

  1. Wise Data Recovery

It is the fastest undelete software. It is also easy to use. It is also compatible with almost all the windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

  1. Puran file recovery

Puran file recovery software works in three primary recovery modes which are; default quick scan, deep scan, and full scan.

  1. Pc Inspector file recovery

This undelete program is compatible with both TAT and NTFS drives. It helps to get back your data even if the boot sector has been damaged.

  1. Restoration

This program is easy and simple to use. It can be used on a variety of storage devices such as memory cards, hard drives, and memory cards.

  1. DMDE

It supports a broad scan and also provides specific information about the device the data was recovered from. People like it because it is portable.

  1. Glary Undelete

This program provides a convenient interface for the people who have never used it before. It has various language options. However, it does not show original folder names.

  1. Disk Drill

For you to use this undelete program, you have to download and install the setup. It retains the original folder names and also has the deep scan modes.

  1. SoftPerfect file recovery

If you do not want to install a program, this is the best option for you. It is also straightforward to use. However, it cannot be used to recover corrupted or overwritten files.

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